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Remo Speroni specializes in the design and construction of moulding boxes for foundries and steelworks, for use in both manual moulding and automatic moulding plants.

Thanks to its spacious facilities and dedicated machinery, the company is able to handle heavy carpentry jobs of considerable dimensions in carbon and stainless steel.


Remo Speroni founded the eponymous company in 1957. After three years’ business activity and in response to market requirements, the firm started to produce its first iron moulding boxes as a lighter and more economical alternative to those in cast iron. The market responded positively and showed a particular appreciation for the high quality of the new moulding boxes, especially those with convex walls. On-going investments in technology enabled the company to rapidly increase its sales, not only in Italy, but also in Europe and Central America.


In the early seventies, backed up by the experience it had acquired in a local context characterized by numerous foundries, the company implemented an exclusive production of modular moulding boxes, which represent Remo Speroni’s crowning achievement. The modular moulding box is a synthesis of efficacy, lightness and structural strength but which, mainly thanks to its modular nature, enables a high degree of flexibility and significant cost savings.

1990 / 2000

In the early 90’s, Remo Speroni produced its first moulding boxes for automatic plants, by means of a fully robotic welding system, and extended its offering of services to comprise medium-heavy carpentry jobs. The company sets out to be its customers’ sole supplier for two different yet complementary services. The extraordinary technological evolution undertaken in the course of the years, involving the purchase of cutting edge machinery and work stations, enabled the company to reach remarkable levels of manufacturing precision.


Large construction jobs require flexible and extremely accurate measurements. The introduction of Leica® Laser Tracker coordinate measuring technology has made it possible to carry out tests, geometrical inspections and piece alignment, while paving the way to unprecedented measurement applications.


Remo Speroni is an ever evolving company constantly focused on the future. Down through the years, it has continued to improve its production quality and has optimized costs for its Customers. The Company’s vision consists in penetrating new markets while retaining its characteristic perseverance, with a firm belief in its knowhow and skills, and addressing new challenges with the necessary passion to build its future.