With final product design

Work accurately,
think big and aim for perfection
in every job.


Cutting extra thicknesses // Assembly
Welding and folding // Milling and boring
Mechanical processes // Disposal of chips and filings
Production of moulds // Heat treatments
Stabilizations // Sanding and painting

Medium-heavy Carpentry

Our medium-heavy carpentry works, which are widely appreciated for their elevated precision, are managed using numerical control machines, boring machines and milling machines fitted with the most cutting edge automation and quality control devices.

Speed. Efficiency.

All production processes are monitored by tried and tested Leica® Laser Tracker technology. Remo Speroni does not handle fine plate steel and has actually made the cutting of extra thicknesses one of its main strengths.

Your Partner

What makes our carpentry division different is the way we care for our customers, by complying
with delivery times and offering them the most competitive prices.
The company sets out to flank the Customer, not as a mere supplier,
but as a reliable and trusted partner.