About Us

Remo Speroni s.r.l.

Since 1957 Remo Speroni srl has specialized in the design and production of modular moulding boxes for foundries, manual moulding and automatic moulding plants.

Our workshop is also equipped to carry out heavy carpentry jobs also with the possibility of final product design.

Our technical department is able to provide moulding box load simulations with calculations of capacity limits.

Our moulding boxes also undergo realistic load tests under the surveillance of certified bodies.

Our history

1994 -

The company started to extend its activities beyond European borders to promote its production of moulding boxes also in the United States and Mexico.

1990 -

These are the years in which the first moulding boxes were produced for automatic plants welded by means of a fully robotic system.

1985 -

The production of moulding boxes for use in foundries made an important step forward thanks to the introduction of numerical control machinery.

1980 -

The business activity founded by its owner took on the company name of Remo Speroni S.r.l. in 1980.

1975 -

Thanks to the experience it had acquired, the firm started to produce the so-called "modular" moulding boxes.

1960 -

The driving force of the economic boom enabled the company to build an international reputation.

1957 -

The firm started to produce moulding boxes in 1957 in the industrialized area of Legnano, characterized by the presence of numerous foundries, comprising long-established companies such as "Franco Tosi" and "Pensotti".